CEREC Same-Visit Crowns

If you need a dental crown, you may find that your busy lifestyle makes it a challenge to schedule the multiple dental appointments needed to place a crown. But today, advances in dental technology have allowed us to streamline your visits so you can get the care you need in one visit and then get on with your busy life.

Dr. Sasan Khodabakhsh is committed to staying current with the most advanced technology to bring you the highest quality dental care available.  CEREC crowns available at our Dallas, TX dental office are an example the technology we use to efficiently restore your smile.

Beautiful Results in Just One Appointment

As you probably know, most methods for dental restorations require multiple visits to the dentist. During your first visit for traditional restorations you receive x-rays, local anesthesia, tooth preparation, impressions of your tooth, and finally a temporary crown.

The second appointment requires another injection of local anesthesia, removal of the temporary and, finally, bonding of the permanent restoration.

CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics and is the only system available today that enables us to quickly and easily place a permanent all-ceramic crown, inlay, onlay, or dental veneer in just one appointment. Aside from convenience, CEREC restorations offer other advantages:

  • Fewer shots and less drilling
  • No messy impressions to worry about
  • No temporary crowns
  • Durable, metal-free, tooth-colored ceramic
  • CEREC crowns retain more healthy tooth structure

In years past, we had few options for repairing decayed and damaged teeth. With CEREC, we can use durable, tooth-colored ceramic to restore damaged teeth to their natural beauty, strength, and function. The restoration is chemically bonded to your tooth, resulting in a strong, healthy tooth structure.

CEREC Inlays and Onlays

CEREC inlays offer a well-fitting, strong, and long-lasting restoration for tooth decay or other damage to your tooth. Traditionally, inlays and onlays require several visits, but using CEREC technology, Dr. K can create and place these restorations in just one visit.

Your Partner in Oral Health Care

Our goal is to help you achieve outstanding oral health, but we understand that financial considerations are a big factor in deciding on certain treatments. Dental insurance can be complicated and, like most people, you probably have questions about exactly what your plan covers.

Our knowledgeable team will take the time to guide you through the process so you know exactly what to expect before treatment begins. If you don’t have insurance, we offer interest-free CareCredit financing.

If you have questions about CEREC restorations or would like more information about financing your treatment, please contact our Dallas dental office. A helpful member of our team will be happy to assist you.