At Elegant Smiles Dentistry, we pair dental artistry with a personal touch. Our outstanding cosmetic dentist works cohesively with our team to provide you, the patient, with life-changing, transformative dental treatments, each customized to your specific needs and wishes.

Ultimately, we want to help you achieve the straight, glamorous smile that you want. Through innovative procedures and treatment options, including Invisalign, our North Dallas team can re-contour the framework of your smile and reestablish aesthetic beauty.

Dr. Sasan Khodabakhsh can straighten teeth with Invisalign clear braces at his North Dallas dental practice. These invisible braces are custom made for each patient and are removable, so that patients may brush, floss, and eat normally.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign is a clear and convenient alternative to braces. This modern straightening system aligns the smile by placing pressure on the teeth, shifting them into place gradually using a series of smooth, comfortable, virtually invisible aligners.

Dr. K will examine your smile before treatment to determine the best course of action and plan the Invisalign process. Through this process, a mold will be made of your teeth to guide the creation of your customized aligners.

In addition to Invisalign, Dr. K is also certified to offer Six Month Smiles treatment, an innovative twist on traditional orthodontic care. The advanced smile aligning system fuses the best features of standard braces and modern orthodontic treatments, to give patients a no-hassle, comfortable, cosmetic solution that fits their lifestyles to a tee.

Generally, treatment takes six months (hence the name). The Lucid-Lok™ clear brackets and Chameleon™ tooth-colored wires utilized in this treatment are barely visible, if visible at all, and Six Month Smiles is typically a less expensive option than porcelain veneers, Invisalign, or traditional braces. For these reasons and more, it is a popular option among our patients.

Benefits of Invisalign

There are multiple physical, emotional, and health-related benefits associated with Invisalign®. We proudly offer this treatment option at our North Dallas practice because we have seen firsthand how these benefits can affect a person's quality of life. Some benefits of the innovative treatment include:

  • The aligners are clear – The nearly invisible plastic mouthpieces are virtually impossible for others to detect. You can discretely straighten your smile without anyone noticing.
  • The aligners are customized – The straightening trays are built to your smile's specifications and form snugly to the shape of your teeth so they won't fall out when you are talking or laughing.
  • The aligners are convenient – Because Invisalign invisible braces are entirely removable, you can easily take them out to eat or brush and floss your teeth.
  • Your Invisalign aligners don't interfere with your oral health – Unlike traditional braces which are fixed to your teeth, require the use of bands which engulf the tooth's sides, and restrict your ability to thoroughly brush your, Invisalign aligners can be removed so you can properly clean your teeth. In many cases, patients with braces end up neglecting their oral health due to the hurdles that braces pose. With Invisalign, not only will you gain a more beautiful smile, your oral health will be improved.
  • The aligners are effective – Invisalign is effective for straightening your smile. Generally, treatment takes nine months to a year.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

The cost of undergoing Invisalign invisible braces treatment at our North Dallas dental practice is directly dependent on the amount of work your smile needs and the number of aligners it takes to re-contour your smile. We want you to have a smile that makes you feel confident and eager to show it off. 

If you're looking for an affordable alternative to Invisalign, we are pleased to offer customized clear braces that are created in-house under Dr. K's direct supervision.

Our customized aligners are made using the same process, same materials, and same treatment method as Invisalign and brand-name systems but cost about 50 percent less.

Whether you choose Invisalign or our in-house clear braces, we make it easy to achieve the smile you've always dreamt of by offering and accepting multiple financing options, including CareCredit. If you are looking to straighten your smile at an affordable cost, we would like to help.

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