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Candidates for a Full Mouth Reconstruction

There are a myriad of negative factors that can affect a smile. Over time, problems may be compounded to the point where a more extensive procedure is needed to restore the health and appearance of your teeth. Through a full mouth reconstruction, your smile can benefit from an individualized treatment plan that comprises one or more restorative dentistry procedures.

To help you decide whether you may be a good candidate for this treatment process, our North Dallas practice offers the following information on what a full mouth reconstruction can accomplish.

Problems Treated by Full Mouth Reconstruction

Individual dental problems can usually be addressed with specific treatments, in and of themselves. But when problems are allowed to spread, resulting in additional symptoms and complications, a combination of restorative services may be needed to fully rebuild a smile. Common problems that are treated by a full mouth reconstruction include:

  • Gum disease: While most gum disease is mild, it is possible for an infection to spread deeper into gum, tooth, and bone tissue. In advanced cases of gingivitis and periodontitis, patients can experience infected roots, loose gums, bone loss, and loosening teeth. We offer a variety of periodontal treatments to remove infection before additional problems arise.
  • Tooth decay: Even slight tooth decay can be problematic when left untreated. If decay is allowed to spread, the roots of teeth and surrounding bone tissue can become infected. Whether you have small cavities or large areas of decay, we can remove infected tissue and replace it with the appropriate restoration.
  • Tooth loss: When teeth are lost for any reason, they can affect your diet, speech, and bite pattern, not to mention your smile. Depending on the condition of your mouth and the degree of tooth loss, we can recommend an effective and permanent tooth replacement procedure.
  • Damaged or misshapen teeth: Teeth that are chipped, worn down, or misshaped can take a toll on both your smile and the strength of your bite. For teeth that have been damaged or weakened, we offer a number of procedures that range from adding to the tooth’s structure to covering it entirely.
  • Crookedness: Crooked teeth and alignment issues are a common problem among patients. For various degrees of crookedness, we may recommend anything from orthodontic treatment to a more straightforward, cosmetic alternative.

Additionally, patients may be looking to treat loose teeth, faulty restorations, or a painful TMJ disorder. No matter your individual concerns, we are confident in our ability to provide appropriate, comprehensive dental care.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

As long as your teeth are suffering from one or more of the above problems, you can benefit from a treatment plan formulated by a knowledgeable cosmetic dentist. Even patients who are experiencing severe decay or tooth loss can regain a full and healthy smile.

In order to qualify for a full mouth reconstruction, though, you must consult your dentist. By meeting with Dr. Khodabakhsh, you can learn which procedures are most appropriate for you and what you can expect by the end of treatment. Above all, you can form accurate expectations for your new smile, including any advantages and disadvantages of treatment.

Procedures Used in a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Although specific treatment techniques will vary from patient to patient, any of the following procedures may be used during a full mouth reconstruction:

Dental implants
Dental bridges
Root canal therapy
Periodontal cleaning (e.g., deep cleaning, flap surgery)
Dental crowns
Dental fillings
Inlays and onlays
Gum or bone grafts
Dental bonding
TMJ treatment
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Come In for a Consultation

Because treatment is customized to meet the needs of each patient, it’s impossible to discern what you can expect from a full mouth reconstruction until you meet with Dr. Khodabakhsh. Set up an appointment with us to learn more and get started on your restored smile.