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What Causes Dulling and Discoloration of Teeth?

Have you ever wondered how and why teeth become discolored? Our teeth become dull, discolored, and yellow with age and with exposure to things we eat and drink that stain our teeth. The reason our teeth stain is that they are porous. Once stains develop, they have penetrated the enamel surface of teeth and can only be lightened with a professional teeth whitening treatment. Until professional teeth whitening occurs, teeth will remain discolored and stained, even if one brushes thoroughly or uses over the counter whitening products.

Our dentist offers two teeth whitening options, Zoom and Boost, as well as other cosmetic dentistry treatments.

Do Store-Bought Products Produce the Same Results?

It might be tempting to try store bought teeth whitening strips, rinses, and toothpaste. While these products might be able to remove surface stains, they can cause permanent damage to teeth – especially if used incorrectly. These products can contain abrasives that might damage tooth enamel, and the formulas are often too weak to lift deep stains, contributing to patients overusing over the counter products.

Can Professional Whitening Really Make a Difference?

Yes, a professional treatment can lighten your teeth up to ten shades brighter. This is because professional treatments contain potent, prescription-grade ingredients that can penetrate the enamel surface of teeth. Not only will you leave our practice with a dazzling bright smile, your appointment is quick – lasting about an hour. We will use shade indicators before and after your treatment so that we can document your results.

Will My Newly-White Smile Last?

The results of your treatment can last up two a couple of years. When it’s time for a touchup, simply call our cosmetic dentistry office to reserve an appointment. You can also extend the lifespan of your whitening treatments by avoiding darkly colored foods and beverages and tobacco products. Sipping drinks with a straw will also help reduce how much teeth are exposed to staining liquids.

If you have questions about teeth whitening or other cosmetic dentistry options in North Dallas, call our team at Elegant Smiles to reserve an appointment with our dentist.